Sightseeing in central Zagori

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Tour around the wonderfull area of Zagori with our guided sightseeing tour. Discover the hidden villages and arched bridges of the area, see the magnificent natural reserve of Vikos gorge and learn about the interesting history and the life of this mountainious community.

The Pindos snowshoe traverse

Pindos snowshoe traverse hero

This tour is made for winter hikers who want to experience the other side of Greece, the winter side! It is a unique experience and definitely worth a visit to this “exotic” winter paradise, hidden between the Pindos mountains!

North Pindos trail

North pindos trail tour

Pindos mountain range with its natural wealth offers an unforgettable experience to the visitor, in combination with warm Greek hospitality and delicious cuisine. This is a trip to a “forgotten” Greece where people fight hard to preserve the life in their villages, but they always greet us warmly with a smile on their face! 

Voidomatis River Trail

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Voidomatis river, the “mother of water”, right in the heart of the national park, is a very easy follow-the-river walk for the entire family. Awesome crystal clear blue waters and over 12.000 year-old rock formations are some of the highlights of this walk.

Hiking in Zagori – Pindos Horseshoe Trail

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A classic multi day trail you should do when visiting Greece for a hiking holiday. A combination of landscapes, forests, rivers, deep gorges, alpine meadows, spreading out from the picturesque villages, alongside traditional homemade food, history and culture. This hike should definitely go into your bucket list!

Ski Touring Greece

Ski touring hero Mountain Goat Greece

The ski touring Greece tour gives you the opportunity to ski where only a few descents have ever been recorded! The tours take place in Metsovo and around the area of Zagori, Mt. Timfi, Mt. Smolikas and Mt. Vasilitsa.

Snowshoeing in Zagori Pindos mountains

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In winter we don’t rest! The scenery around Zagori changes with the first snow falling on the high peaks around November! A winter wonderland spreads all around Zagori, and we organize snowshoe hikes for everybody!

Vikos Gorge via Voidomatis springs

Vikos Gorge Highlights Birth of river hero tour in Northern Greece

In this moderately difficult hike, we cross the heart of Vikos – Aoos National park, and continue partly through the Vikos gorge where the hiker can dive into the crystal waters of the Voidomatis springs, where a river is born! The path finishes at the Vikos village as the way up brings astonishing views!

Merchants Trail Hiking Tour in Zagori

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A circular hike, ideal for travelers who wish to discover the natural beauty of Central Zagori. This hike is for people interested in the culture, the history and the local architecture of Zagori. Join us on a natural journey across years of history, as every step you take comes with an historical event!

Hiking Vradeto Steps

Vradeto Steps hero Mountain Goat

This tour will transport you back in time to when the stone masons were building amazing constructions. The “Skala” (staircase) is one of the great architectural wonders of Zagori. It’s also a great way to experience the breathtaking view of Vikos Gorge, as we stand on the edge of the high cliffs.