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Hiking the Vikos Gorge

In the area of Zagori, hiking the Vikos gorge is not to be missed! It’s well known for beeing the deepest gorge in the country and for its big variety of wildlife

From 45.00€ / per person

6-8 hours

The legentary
alpine lake Drakolimni

The legentary alpine drakolimni hike, starts from the village of Mikro Papigo in a wonderful forest. This is “alpine style” hiking as we ascent.

From 40.00€ / per person

9 hours

Merchants Trail
hiking tour in Zagori

The Merchants Trail, is a sightseeing hike that is ideal for those who want to discover the natural beauty and admire the magnificent stone bridges of Zagori.

From 40.00€ / per person

6-7 hours

Vikos gorge
highlights birth of a river!

Birth of a river – Vikos Gorge. Crosses the heart of Vikos -Aoos National park and the Voidomatis springs, where a river is born!

From 40.00€ / per person

4-5 hours

Vradeto Steps

Hiking Vradeto Steps is  a great way to experience the  view  to the Vikos Gorge, a breath taking view, as we stand on the edge of the high cliffs.

From 40.00€ / per person

3 1/2 hours (family friendly)

The Pindos Horseshoe Trail (Self-guided)

After hiking in Zagori , you will be one of the few who can tell about the unspoiled beauty, the traditional villages, the stone trails and arched bridges.

From 750.00€ / per person

8 days

Guided ski tours
in Greece!

A virgin area where only a few descents are ever made! The tours take place around the area of Zagori, Mt. Timfi, Mt. Smolikas and Mt. Vasilitsa.

From 892.00€ / per person

8 days

in Pindos Mountains

Snowshoe in Pindos mountains is the ultimate winter experience in Greece! A chance to discover something unique and out of the ordinary.

From 604.00€ / per person

5 days

Welcome to the world of MOUNTAIN GOAT ADVENTURES

Along the largest mountain trail network of Northern Pindos mountains, NW of Greece, we organize hiking up to the tallest peaks of mount Timfi and mount Smolika, walks in and around the local villages called Zagorochoria, gorge crossings, and various themed and combined hikes targeted to your getting closely acquainted with the land’s flora and fauna. Discover it with Mountain Goat