Mountain Goat's origins and story

Here is the “about us” story: Since 2006 Mountain Goat has been organizing outdoor activities in Epirus. We organize hiking/trekking, mountain bike and ski tours mostly on the north of Pindos. Throughout the years we have been exploring and reaching new areas, which has given us knowledge and know-how, which we are now in a position to share with our guests!

In addition to our passion for mountain sports, we wanted to show people from all over the world that there is yet another part of Greece that offers amazing outdoor activities. We passionately believe that this well hidden wealth between the little known mountains of Greece we have discovered is valuable and worth visiting, among other things, because it remains to this day authentic, traditional and unharmed by mass tourism.

Above all, we like mountain sports and hiking is one of them. It is the way to discover meter by meter all the area’s secrets. Flowers, medicine herbs, wildlife, architecture plus culture, are some of the things a hiker should see in these unique areas. So different and also unique!

After all, there is a great network of paths, in these areas. This makes hiking very easy from point to point, village to village, without the use of any transportation! A top destination for hikers is Zagori and the wider area of north Pindos National Park. Similarly, Tzoumerka, Grammos and Mt. Olympus are attractive destinations!

Just a few years ago we came up with the idea of organizing MTB tours in the same style we do our hiking tours and so we went out exploring! There are thousands of kilometers of forest roads that give the biker a chance to discover places beyond imagination. In addition, remote villages, waterfalls and high mountains combined makes for a scenery ideal for mountain bikes!

For skiing, no question about it! There are a few ski resorts in Greece but none worth a visit as much as Epirus, where the mountains where you can ski are so many.  After all, the Pindos mountains have amazing snowfall every winter and the possibility of ski touring is amazing. Over the last few years more and more people are trying this exotic ski destination. How about you?

So who we are?

Mountain Goat was founded by Makis Logiotatidis, a certified mountain leader, ski patroller and ski instructor, with many years of experience in the mountains. Makis grew as a child skiing and hiking on Mt. Olympus and Mt. Vermio close to his hometown of Thessaloniki.

Growing up he found out that the lifestyle of the nature and the mountains was more suitable for him so he left the crowded city, to a more free lifestyle.

He worked in many areas of Greece as a guide and a ski instructor before moving into Austria where he stayed for three years and got certified in these two fields.

In 2004 he decided to move to Pindos mountains where his two basic loves mountaineering and skiing could also support him financially.

“My goal is to show people that Greece is not only sun and beaches but high snowy mountains as well. No one believed me when I said that you could ski in Greece!”

And that is how Mountain Goat started and operates since 2006!

Dafne is the loving wife and the big support “behind the scenes” as she takes care of the organisation of the tours. Dafne is a local and a nature lover as she likes to hike and beeing


Mountaingoat headquarters

close to nature. Dafne has a degree on graphic design and always was a restless soul, travelling and working around Greece, until she decided to move to her native land Zagori!


The home base for all is located in a small Zagori village Elati, and from there start all the excursions, where the couple also grows their small vegetable garden!