Bridges & Villages of Zagori

A family friendly tour around the bridges of Zagori!

3 hours

7 Km

Bridges & Villages of Zagori: Hiking the famous network of footpaths and bridges of central Zagori is definitely a “must do”!

The participant has the chance to walk on several stone-made, arched bridges, mainly built in the 17th century which used to connect the central Zagori villages.

In Koukouli village we shall visit the “Lazaridi’s museum” where one can discover rare endemic plant collections, traditionally used by the so called “Doctor’s of Vikos”. A hike ideal for introducing you to the rich world of Zagori!

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Pricing table

1 person


2 persons


3 persons


4 persons


Price includes

Certified English speaking guide

Liability insurance

Pic nic snack (seasonal fruits, energy bars)

Pair of hiking poles per person

1 backpack for 4 persons


Basic physical condition

 Children from 7 years and above

Period of operation

All year

What to bring/wear with me for this tour

Comfortable hiking shoes & trousers


Bottle of water


Extra Tshirt



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