River Trekking


4 – 5 hours

4 Km

River Trekking in this activity you have a chance to witness the wild beauty of two unexplored gorges: The upper Voidomatis, and the Vikaki gorge! A very “special” activity, in which we can approach very narrow gorges, and enjoy swimming in crystal clear pools of the purest waters of Zagori. Our area is a paradise for canyons and rivers, all in the huge river bed of Vikos Gorge.

We offer two separate rivers for hiking, and you can choose depending on the time of your arrival.

  • The Vikaki gorge, is a narrow and impressively beautiful gorge, the little Vikos as they call it. The hike starts from the big village of Tsepelovo and ends in Kipi, and the nature in it is extraordinary!
  • The upper Voidomatis, is a longer crossing, and starts in the heart of the Vikos Gorge, from the springs of the river to the bridge of Aristi, we cross geological formations of extreme interest and drink the cleanest right from the birth of water!

Pricing table

2 persons


4 persons


6 persons


Price includes

Certified English speaking guide

Liability insurance

Local transfer

All necessary equipment

Dry bag

Pic nic snack (seasonal fruits, energy bars)


Good physical condition and mental health

Children from 12 years and above

Period of operation

May, June

What to bring/wear with me for this tour

Swimming suit or second pair of underwear

Old pair of shoes that will get wet and extra pair to change at the end of the activity



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