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14 Km


+770 m

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Merchants Trail Hiking Tour in Zagori

Period of Operation: All year
Activity: Hiking

Merchants Trail Hiking Tour in Zagori is a circular hike, ideal for travelers who wish to discover the natural beauty of Central Zagori villages and its iconic arched bridges.

This hike is for people interested in the culture, the history and the local architecture of Zagori.

Come with us on a journey across years of history, as every step you take comes with an historical event!


Tour Price per Traveler

1 Traveler

€ 120            

2 Travelers

€ 60 each

3 Travelers

€ 45 each

4+ Travelers

€ 40 each

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Price includes

Local certified English-speaking mountain guide
Pair of hiking poles per person
1 backpack for 4 persons
Pic nic snack (seasonal fruits, energy bars)
Liability insurance
water proof poncho

Tour highlights

The history of Zagori is relatively new if we compare it to the entire history of Greece! The villages where built in the Byzantine Empire years, around 10-11 century A.C.

The first people to live in this area were shepherds. Later, with the invasion of the Ottomans, the people of this area managed to negotiate a special treaty, which gave them  special privileges so they could survive.

Then around the 16th century, a lot of people from around Greece started to move to this area, seeking a better quality of life, but Zagori being a poor area could not feed so many people.

That is when Zagori began to thrive. People started travelling, became merchants, established a lot of good business abroad, and built schools, churches, bridges, stone trails and of course the famous large stone-built houses of Zagori.

Many educated people, teachers, painters, and benefactors, come from this area.

Now the villages rely mostly on tourism, as well as a bit of agriculture.

Tour requirements

Children from 12 years and above
Good physical condition

What to bring with you

Bottle of water
Comfortable hiking shoes & trousers
Extra T–shirt

A glance at what you will experience

Meeting point

Address: Vitsa 440 07
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Merchants Trail Hiking Tour in Zagori

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