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Voidomatis River Trail

Period of Operation: all year
Activity: Hiking

The Voidomatis river trail is a classic walk for everyone!

Right in the heart of the north Pindos national park, it is a very easy walk by the river for the whole family and/or anyone who enjoys the sound and sight of fresh running river water.

The crystal clear waters will amaze you!


Tour Price per Traveler

1 Traveler

€ 120            

2 Travelers

€ 60 each

3 Travelers

€ 50 each

4+ Travelers

€ 45 each

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Price includes

Pair of hiking poles per person
1 backpack for 4 persons
Liability insurance
water proof poncho

Tour highlights

The word Voidomatis means "mother of water" and the origin is Slavic.

The river springs inside the Vikos gorge and flows for 12km within the heart of the wilderness area of the Pindos national park.

The waters that "feed" the river come from underground springs, giving the water its crystal blue color.

Voidomatis is one of the cleanest rivers of Europe, so clean that you can fill your bottle and drink its waters!

The red spotted trout lives in its cold waters (9 degrees Celsius), the only fish in Greece that can survive in such cold water temperatures!

During the hike we observe the geological history of the gorge, with places that where formed during the ice age, and carved a refuge for the first people that lived in these rock formations over 12.000 years ago.

Tour requirements

Basic physical condition and mental health
Children from 7 years and above

What to bring with you

Bottle of water
Comfortable hiking shoes & trousers

A glance at what you will experience

Meeting point

Address: Klidonia Bridge Alternative parking
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Voidomatis River Trail

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