Hiking the Voidomatis Gorge

Much smaller in size to the neighboring Vikos gorge, the Voidomatis gorge features the crystal clear Voidomatis River as well as traditional stone bridges and Monasteries.

From 25.00€ /per person
  • 3 hours

Birth of a river-Vikos gorge

Hike across the heart of Vikos - Aoos National park, where you can dive into the crystal waters of the Voidomatis springs, where a river is born!

From 40.00€ /per person
  • 5 - 6 hours

Hiking Vradeto Steps

A walk that has a big variety of views and villages. We start from the highest village of Zagori, Vradeto, towards a fantastic view point to the Vikos Gorge.

From 30.00€ /per person
  • 3 1/2 hours

Hiking the Mythical Mt. Olympus

Hiking the Mythical Mt. Olympus fascinating cliffs, spirit of ancient times coming through legends and stories, and beautiful hikes at Zeus’ home – Mountain Olympus.

From 250.00€ /per person
  • 3 days
Mountain Biking mountaibike Pindos
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Mountain Bike the Pindos Trail

Once you enter this mountainious landscape you think that you are in another country!! This is the  the most isolated part of Greece, which is still undiscovered. A real mountain paradise with rivers, waterfalls, trails, forest and the people so friendly! A perfect scenery for a multi day mountain bike tour!

From 675.00€ /per person
  • 8 days

Pindos Peaks Trail

Pindos Peaks is a trekking tour in Northwestern Greece with excellent hiking routes for those who want to combine challenging hiking with beautiful scenery in the Greek mainland.

From 735.00€ /per person
  • 8 days

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